An Investigating the Elastic Response of Smart Cylinders Under Asymmetric Loading


  • Malihe Eftekhari 1 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Sirjan University of Technology, Sirjan



Smart Cylinder, FGPM, Asymmetric loading, Hygrothermo-magneto-elastic response.


This paper investigates the hygrothermal-magneto-elastic response of functionally graded piezomagnetic (FGPM) cylinders under asymmetric loading. The cylinders are supported by a Winkler-type elastic foundation, and their properties vary with the radius according to a power-law function. By solving 2D equations of Fickian diffusion and Fourier relations, the distribution of asymmetric moisture concentration and temperature field is determined. Incorporating constitutive equations into mechanical and magnetic equilibrium equations yields three second-order partial differential equations. The equations are solved using the separation of variables and complex Fourier series. Simulation results demonstrate the influence of hygrothermal loading, magnetic field, elastic foundation, and material inhomogeneity on the cylinder's response.


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