• Komeil Moghaddasi Master student of Information Technology- Electronic Commerce, Islamic Azad University of Urmia, Iran
  • Payam GhaderKourehpaz Master of Information Technology- Electronic Commerce, KNTU University of Tehran, Iran
  • Peyman GhaderKourehpaz 3Master of Information Technology- Electronic Commerce, KNTU University of Tehran, Iran



Strategic decision-making, Online business, Information Technology, Organization, E-commerce


Today, with the development of web-based technologies, online business has found a lot of expansion. In this type of business, information systems are used to strengthen and control business processes. Online business means doing business using remote communication and related tools. In the meantime, to start such a business, it should look for new methods that can surpass the competitors. One of the important elements in the management of any business is the strategic decision-making of the organization. Accordingly, the present study investigates new methods in organizational strategic decision-making to create transformation in online businesses. The results of this study showed that new methods in organizational strategic decision-making for online businesses emphasize improving the competitive position of a company's products or services within a business unit in an industry with a specific market segment and online businesses should be set up based on four attitudes which are as follow: differentiation defender, low-cost defenders, analysts, and opportunist.




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